Make Hotel Workouts Work for You

Are you traveling on business? STACK Expert Scott Abramouski prescribes three hotel workouts that employ only bands, dumbbells and your bodyweight.

Hotel Workout

It always happens. Just when your diet is locked in and your training program is the best it's ever been, you have to travel for work. Being off your usual schedule and away from the gym throws you off course. You miss your usual training. You have to eat in restaurants that may not have healthy choices. And the outdated cardio machines and rusty dumbbells in the hotel "fitness center" make you want to run back to your room to watch a movie.

But you need to look past all that. If you go in with a plan, hotel workouts can be quite effective. That you're often the only one in the workout room can work to your advantage. There are no distractions, you can train without interruption and you won't have to spend a lot of time adjusting complicated equipment.

Here are three workouts that employ only bands, dumbbells and your bodyweight.

Bodyweight Only Workout

(Perform 3 sets of 10 reps)

 1.5 Rep Single Leg Hip Thrusters

Skater Squats

Front Plank with Reach

Push-Up Taps

Bands Only Workout

(Perform 3 sets of 10 reps)

Band Resisted One-Arm Rows

Band Pull-Apart Series

Squat Matrix (Front, Lateral, Tranverse)

Reverse Burpees

Dumbbell Only Workout

(Perform 3 Sets of 10 reps)

Goblet Squat

Bat Wing Row Hold

Renegade Rows

Half Kneeling Curl and Press

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