Ask the Experts: How Can I Tell If I'm Fit?

How fit are you? These four tests from STACK will give you a good general overview and uncover any weaknesses, which you can address in your future training.

Q: How can I tell if I'm fit?

A:  Many different factors are involved in defining overall fitness, but it's possible to get a quick snapshot of how you stack up.

The following four tests will give you a good general overview of your fitness level. Passing these tests should give you confidence that the time you spend working out is producing the results you need to succeed. And they can identify any potential weaknesses you may have, which you can then address in your future training.

As an athlete, you should be able to pass each test. We encourage you to strive to surpass the ideal scores. Make sure to retake the tests after each training phase to measure your progress.

Treadmill Fitness Test

  • What It Measures: Endurance
  • Passing Score: 1 minute
  • Ideal Score: >2 minutes

Plank Test

  • What It Measures: Core strength
  • Passing Score: 1 minute
  • Ideal Score: >2 minutes

One-Minute Push-Up Test

  • What It Measures: Upper-body strength and endurance
  • Passing Score: 28 (male) / 20 (female)
  • Ideal Score: >36 (male) / 30 (female)
  • How To: Perform as many Push-Ups as possible in one minute. You can pause, but don't come out of the Push-Up position.

Max Back Squat Test

  • What It Measures: Lower-body strength
  • Passing Score: 1.97 x body weight (male) / 1.77 x body weight (female)
  • Ideal Score: 2.28 x body weight (male) / 2.07 x body weight (female)
  • How To: Perform a Squat using a one-rep max testing protocol.


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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock