LeBron's T-Shirt Selection During the NBA Finals Had a Huge Impact on the Cleveland-Area Store That Makes Them

LeBron James's t-shirt selection during the NBA Finals has brought a lot of joy to the Ohio company that makes them.

How LeBron's T-Shirt Selection During the NBA Finals Affects the Store That Makes Them

LeBron James just brought the Cleveland Cavaliers the franchise's first NBA championship, took home the Finals MVP award and ended the 52-year championship drought in Cleveland. And yet, somehow, he still wasn't done bringing prosperity to the region where he was born, even after the final horn sounded.

LeBron has taken to wearing t-shirts from HOMAGE, an Ohio-based company that counts multiple Cavs players among its customers. Of course, LeBron is the most famous of the bunch, and when he threw on HOMAGE's all-black t-shirt featuring the likeness of the WWE's The Undertaker as a sort of symbolic message ahead of Game 5, the company freaked out.

"We didn't know here at the store level that that was going to happen," said Courtney Pomez, general manager of HOMAGE's flagship store. "We had no idea, and we were ecstatic about it. It was a great statement. It got us even more hyped, at a store level and a company level."

And LeBron wasn't done rocking HOMAGE products. As he stepped off the plane in Cleveland after landing back home on Monday afternoon, the Larry O'Brien trophy in hand, LeBron was draped in a blue t-shirt with the words "Ultimate Warrior" encasing an illustration of the former wrestler himself. It was a bit of a shot at the Golden State Warriors and another silent statement made by LeBron with a t-shirt created in his home state.

"It's a statement made, as well as bringing that pop culture back," Pomez said. "It's had a huge impact on us, and we've had several requests for that shirt already this morning."

Something tells us those shirts will be sold out by the end of the day.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock