The Shoulder Maintenance Workout Behind Chris Archer's Impressive Pitching Performance

MLB pitcher Chris Archer breaks down the routine he follows to maintain shoulder strength during the season.

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer led his team to a 12-2 win over the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday night, striking out seven batters in six innings to earn his third straight win. He now has 61 strikeouts in 49 1/3 innings pitched

The 27-year-old pitcher's shoulder maintenance regimen helps him maintain health and maximum strength for future starts. Archer said it's important for kids, parents and coaches to understand that during the season he's not gaining strength—he's just trying to maintain it.

"Throwing at full capacity and lifting to the point of full exhaustion is actually counterproductive," Archer said.

The day after he pitches in a game, Archer doesn't even touch a baseball. This lets his arm recover as much as possible before he begins to prepare for his next start.

The second day after he pitches, Archer plays catch and throws in a light bullpen practice session to help his fellow pitchers prepare for their next start. On the third and fourth days, he plays catch again, leading up to another mound appearance on the fifth day.

Though Archer gets ample rest after each outing, he still conditions and lifts during the week leading up to his next start. The most important thing for Archer is maintaining his shoulder strength throughout the week.

"There are also exercises that we can do at a higher volume and higher intensity in the off-season to build some shoulder strength that's going to prevent injury," Archer said.
Archer Strikes Out Seven in Win


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