How to Perfect the Toe Drag Deke

Learn to protect the puck and fake out defenders with the Toe Drag Deke as taught by Apex Skating.

The toe drag is an excellent way to control and protect the puck when moving around defenders. It is a fine motor skill maneuver that is exciting to watch when executed by the pros.

The key area of emphasis is to use the top hand and wrist on the hockey stick to rotate the stick blade, and use the bottom hand to guide and pull the puck in toward the body.

For beginner to intermediate level players, begin with a smaller range of motion, mastering the wrist rotation and connection of the puck to the stick blade. Advance the toe drag by covering a larger distance, then progress to creating an "L­-Shape" by pulling the puck across the body on the backhand of the stick blade. The final progression is the "U­-Shape," where the puck is pulled in to the body on the backhand toe surface of the blade, before sweeping across to the opposite side.


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