[40% DISCOUNT INSIDE] Look Good While Kicking Butt in Hylete's Verge II Flex-Woven Shorts

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It used to be that guys had two options when looking to buy training shorts:

1)   Big, baggy basketball shorts that look cool but don't perform worth a penny

2)   Short shorts that only distance runners or John Stockton would ever dare to wear in public.

Thanks to Hylete Verge II Flex-Woven Shorts, there is now a better way—one that combines the best elements of both options into a new garment that looks, feels and performs at a higher level than its predecessors.

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Hylete Shorts

The Verge II look like board shorts you can kick butt in. They're cut to the perfect length, covering your upper thighs without impeding your knee movements.

The material they're made of—an 85 percent nylon, 15 percent spandex blend—is ultra-light, stretchy and flexible. But it's also durable, so you won't have to worry about suffering a tear from the knurling of a weight bar (if you're a gym rat) or a rogue thorn on a trail run. And of course the shorts wick away moisture so you won't get weighed down by sweat.

You'll find handy storage in the Verge II , thanks to zip pockets on each side. Subtle but spacious, the pockets let you stow your wallet, keys or phone in out-of-the-way spots that won't interfere with your training.

Hylete Shorts Zip Pocket

Another cool feature is the two-way drawstring, which secures the shorts to your waist. You can lace it up on the inside or outside, a nice option for you to feel more comfortable and better looking.

Oh, and guess what? Even if you like the longer or shorter options of yesteryear, Hylete has you covered. In addition to their regular (and in our view perfect) length, the Verge II comes in long-cut and quad-cut (as in "you can see quite a bit of your quadriceps") versions as well.

Hylete's Verge II Flex Woven Zip Pocket Shorts are now available for 40% off when you use the promo code "stack." Get yours now!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock