Turkey Bowl Plays: The I-Right Turkey Trap

The I-Right Turkey Trap is a great play to net your team big chunks of yardage during this year's Turkey Bowl.

Turkey Bowl Plays: I-Right Turkey Trap

The trap play is an age-old gridiron staple, whether the game is organized tackle or pick-up Turkey Bowl. Nothing is more beautiful than a pulling guard rumbling through the hole with a speedy back tucked in behind waiting for his chance to accelerate into the open field. The I-Right Turkey Trap is your best bet to execute this thing of beauty and gain a nice chunk of yardage on Turkey Day.

To run the play, line up with one back offset to the right, your QB under center and a guard and tackle to the left. On the snap, the guard pulls back and to the right and turns upfield to block the first visible defender in the hole. He looks to seal his defender to the inside, providing a clean path to the outside for the ball carrier. The tackle steps hard to the right to seal the backside defender.

The running back begins with a counter step to the left, then redirects to the right to receive a handoff from the QB, who reverse-pivots to the left to get him the ball. Once he has the ball, the RB  dashes through the hole and tucks himself behind the pulling guard. Once a crease is visible, he explodes upfield.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock