7 Endurance Tips From Ultramarathon Runner Ian Sharman

Ultramarathon runner Ian Sharman offers seven tips on how to train and fuel up for endurance races.

Ultramarathons are grueling events that can range from 50 kilometers (just over 31 miles) to 160 miles in distance. To compete in such long, intense events, an athlete must not only be in top physical and mental shape, he or she must also maximize their fueling prior to and during races. Ultramarathon runner Ian Sharman, who started racing in 2005 and has completed over 200 ultramarathons and marathons, has mastered his training and nutrition strategy for endurance races.

The Grand Slam of Ultramarathon record holder is calling upon his nine years of racing and four years of coaching experience to educate athletes of all abilities to help them accomplish their goals. In CLIF Bar's "Eat Like an Athlete" video series (in the video player above), Sharman shares seven key endurance tips for athletes looking to dominate their next event.

Below, we've pulled out the highlights to help you get started.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock