University of Illinois Shows Off Updated Football Uniforms

View photos of new University of Illinois team uniforms, courtesy of Nike.

New University of Illinois Football Uniform

Photos via Nike

Over the next few years, courtesy of Nike, all 19 University of Illinois athletic teams will receive a uniform upgrade, which, once completed, will have all of their athletes displaying consistent colors, logos, lettering and numerals. The change will begin next season with the basketball and football programs, and the remaining teams' uniforms will roll out in subsequent years.

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Traditional navy and orange will remain the Fighting Illini's primary color scheme; however, they will also introduce a secondary palette of white, dark steel grey and metallic silver, increasing their number of uniform options.

The Illini will continue to use the block "I" as their primary logo, but it too will get a slight update. The vertical portion of the letter will receive less emphasis, and more will be given to the horizontal strokes.

Illinois teams will also introduce a "Victory Badge," inspired by superheroes (really), symbolizing the fight the teams evince when they take the field or court. The badge is derived from the school's football tradition, but it will be featured on all uniforms.

New Illinois Football Uniform

Illinois Volleyball Uniform

Illinois Basketball Uniform

Illinois Basketball Shorts

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