Impressive Questions to Ask on a College Visit

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Visiting colleges—officially or unofficially—can be a nerve-wracking experience for athletes and their families. Inevitably, during your campus tour, a college coach will ask, "Do you have any questions for me?"

It's important to do your homework prior to your visit and to ask good questions. Check out the school and team websites before visiting, and don't ask questions with obvious answers, like "How many seniors are on your team?" Asking such questions shows the coach you didn't take time to prepare for the visit, and they can be a major turn-off.

Below are a few questions that will impress coaches.

Academic Questions

1. How many credits do your players take each semester?
2. Can players take summer courses? Is that part of the scholarship package?
3. Do you assist in the registration process? Is an adviser available to help?
4. Are any majors off limits to your players? (Some coaches will not allow athletes to major in nursing or other sciences that require a lot of fieldwork, because they make it difficult to put a practice schedule together.)
5. What percentage of your players graduate in four years?

Athletic Questions

1. How many recruits are you looking to bring in next season? Have you signed anyone yet?
2. Do your players need to live on campus year-round, or can they go home for the summer?
3. What are your preseason and post-season workouts like?
4. What style and system do you play/run?
5. How do you see me fitting into your program?
6. What position are you recruiting me for?

You don't need to ask all of these questions, but take the ones that seem relevant to you.

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