Improve Conditioning With This Farmer's Walk Gasser Workout

STACK Expert Kelvin King Jr. provides a drill that combines sprints and Farmer's Walks to build your overall strength and conditioning.

Soon it will be summer, the season when many athletes try to gain an extra edge with their off-season workouts. The challenge is to find different and exciting ways to ramp up their normal, boring programming.

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Farmer's Walks are one of the best exercises for athletes. They are often used to develop core strength, hip stability, a strong back and grip strength. When combined with a gasser, you have a workout that pushes your energy systems to the max, teaching your body both to exert strength and move quickly when fatigued.

Holding heavy dumbbells makes walking significantly more challenging. The "gasser" sprinting aspect makes it even more difficult. It elevates the heart rate and builds an anaerobic base, which is needed for sports that require short, quick bursts of energy, achieve exclusive muscular adaptations and reduce boredom, to name a few. Obviously, there is also a huge grip-strengthening element and improved core control, but sprinting back to the starting line and grabbing the dumbbells to carry is physiologically as well as psychologically taxing.

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Farmer's Walk Gasser Workout

Farmer's Walk

Perform this complex for 50 or 100 yards on conditioning days or as a finisher, and you will see the maximum benefits in your performance.

Coaching Points

  • Maintain a tight core. It is impossible to tighten your core to the max during the entire walk, but you need to brace your core to protect your back.
  • Keep your shoulders down and back throughout the walk.
  • When you set the dumbbells down and pick them up, bend your knees.
  • Maintain proper sprinting form and breathing mechanics to successfully complete this complex.

Move quickly, making it applicable to your sport.

How to:

  • Set up cones about 10 yards apart for 100 yards.
  • Starting at one end of the field, carry the dumbbells to the first cone, drop them and sprint back to the starting line.
  • Sprint back to where you dropped the dumbbells, carry them to the second cone, drop them again, and sprint back to the starting line.
  • Perform the same sequence, cone by cone, until the dumbbells are at the last cone.
  • Once you finish sprinting back, pick up the dumbbells and perform a Farmer's Walk for the full 100 yards to the original starting line.

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