Improve Your Basketball Performance With Bryan Meyer's Foundation of Basketball Workout Program

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DVD Cover Do you want to train like Dwight Howard? Do you want to transform yourself into a dominant force on the court? If you answered yes to either question, check out Bryan Meyer's Foundation of Basketball workout program DVD.

Coach Meyer, owner of B Meyer Training and Howard's personal performance coach, designed Foundation of Basketball to address the needs of the basketball athlete. You won't be building a bigger Bench or Squat with this program, but you will be improving your total body strength, mobility and control—all vital for success on the court. Plus, you'll be able to perform more advanced exercises.

We got a chance to review the Foundation of Basketball Strength DVD and came away impressed with its value for athletes. Coach Meyer has a unique approach to providing instruction on how to perform a proper workout, knowledge you can use in a weight room, rather than mindlessly following a workout in front of a TV.

The workout features exercises that build a base of strength and improve mobility so you can apply power and speed on the court. Many of the exercises, like the Single-Arm Knee Down Press and the Howard Cross-Over Push-Up, which you can check out below, were inspired by Superman's workouts.

We conducted an exclusive interview with Coach Meyer to learn more about the Foundation of Basketball workout video and how it will help basketball players.

STACK: Why should basketball players use the Foundation of Basketball workout program?

Bryan Meyer: Today, the market is filled with exercises and trends. I feel as a performance coach, we need to teach the foundation for athletes to really excel. The goal of the first DVD was to create something that athletes can learn from and add onto as they progress. I'm super excited about bringing education to the athletes, and not just exercises that look like they work. One DVD doesn't cover everything, but little by little I plan on bringing more education to athletes and STACK. We need to keep getting better and not just follow trends.

STACK: How is this different from other workout DVDs?

BM: This brings a new twist to basketball training, forcing athletes to learn as they train. Individual programs are the best, but not all of us have the ability to train with good performance coaches. This is the next best option.

STACK: How will a basketball player benefit?

BM: The higher level the players are, the more I see them focusing on explosive movements. Yet, they lack basic strength and movement patterns. Think of training as a pyramid; you're already gifted in certain aspects of your game, but by making your foundation better, you will improve the more advanced areas of your game. This workout program focuses on laying the foundation to improve the explosive movements you need to jump higher and run faster. In addition, it increases your range of motion and teaches you how to control your body so you can build strength and increase speed.

STACK: What types of exercises are in this workout program?

BM: When designing a program, you have to take into account what athletes need most to start building upon. I chose exercises that will become more explosive in nature and consist of joints and movements that will help on the court. Basketball players are not body builders, they are movers. You don't see the best athletes winning awards in the weight room—you see them dominating on the court. For this reason, the program features pulling and pushing exercises that also work the legs and athletic stance. Also, it includes single-leg exercises to build body control while still adding strength, since basketball is mostly played on one leg.

STACK: Explain some of the progressions built into the workout for beginner and advanced weight lifters.

BM: First and foremost, I only teach methods that are proven to work. The difficulty of the exercises in the program can be increased based on where you are in your training. The learning curve is short for the higher level athletes, but may take longer for beginners. Once you dominate this workout, you can add onto it by adding weight or holding a position for a longer time. Basketball players want to play the game at the highest level possible. If you focus on your foundation and progress [after] this has been established, you will see improvements in your power, your speed and your play on the court.

The Foundation of Basketball workout program DVD is available at for $12.99. Stay tuned for four more DVDs from Coach Meyer on strength training for basketball.

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