Improve Your Inside Skating Edge With Boston Bruins Forward Ryan Spooner's Go-To Drill

This skating technique allows hockey players to be evasive and agile against defenders.

This movement is traditionally known as the 1 and 2 Maneuver, but it's also been called Spooner Inside Edges, famously used by Ryan Spooner of the Boston Bruins. This skating technique allows players to be evasive and agile, particularly when facing a defender. Creating space on the ice while maintaining a high rate of acceleration are powerful means to create offensive scoring opportunities.

The first progression begins with the skater completing a 360-degree turn, with one skate pointing forward and one pointing backwards with weight distributed evenly over both legs. Once the skater masters this open hip position, the next progression has him shifting his body weight from skate to skate, one foot on the ice, one foot in the air. For the last progression, the player generates explosive C­-Cuts into the ice, producing power and force into the ice.

A common inefficiency seen with this technique is the lack of ability to keep the hips externally rotated when in the open hip position. Hip mobility work may benefit those who lack the ability to keep their skates pointing in opposite directions.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock