4 In-Season Basketball Shooting Drills

STACK Expert TJ Jones recommends extra shooting before or after basketball practice in-season and offers 4 drills to help structure the reps.

Now that it's basketball season, players should spend extra time shooting before or after practice. It may seem trivial, but those extra reps will hone your accuracy and make you a better shooter.

Shooting before or after practice doesn't have to be strenuous. You are either energized before practice or exhausted following it, and you have to take this into account. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be structured. Below are four basketball shooting drills you should perform regularly to stay at the top of your game. (Watch J.J. Redick practice shooting.)

Shooting Drill Guidelines

  • Compete. Don't shoot for the sake of shooting. Make every shot count. Add a little pressure by making as many shots as you can in a minute. You can also compete against a teammate or a previous personal record.
  • Game shots. Don't waste time shooting shots you're not going to use in a game. You should know where you regularly shoot from and off what action. For example, if your team runs a set where you start on the block and receive a pin-down screen for a jumper at the elbow, then this is the type of shot you should regularly practice.

21 in 2

You have two minutes to make three shots from seven different spots on the floor: corners, wings, elbows and top of the key. Start in the corner and work your away around to the other corner. Have a partner pass you the ball after each shot. More advanced players can shoot three-pointers. College and pro players must complete the drill in 90 seconds to two minutes, so try to get into that range.


You have 90 seconds to score a minimum of 25 points. Shoot from five spots on the floor: corners, wings and top of the key. Starting in the corner, shoot a three-pointer, a one-dribble pull-up and a layup. Perform this sequence at each spot. After shooting from all five spots, go to the free-throw line and shoot 1-and-1 free throws.

10 Before 5

Starting at the 28-foot mark on the sideline, sprint toward the elbow, catch a pass from your partner and shoot a jump shot. Next, sprint to half court, then to the top of the key and shoot a three-pointer. Sprint to the sideline and back to the elbow for a third jump shot. Continue shooting from the three spots until you make 10 shots. Your goal is to make 10 before you miss five. If you don't reach your goal, run a down-and-back.

3-Spot Shooting

Pick three different spots on one side of the floor, such as the elbow, corner, and wing. Starting on the block, curl toward the elbow, catch a pass from your partner and shoot a jump shot. Fade to the corner and shoot a second shot. Sprint to the wing and shoot a one-dribble pull-up going toward the middle. Continue the drill for two minutes.

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