In the Kitchen With Gabby Reece

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Pro beach volleyballer Gabby Reece is a self-described fitness enthusiast.  She also eats healthy. The 6'3" former Florida State star and Olympian is committed to properly fueling her body. No wonder she keeps her fridge packed with the following staples, all of which are beneficial for athletes:

Fruits: Rich in antioxidants, meaning they provide an anti-inflammatory response to muscles post-training.

Eggs: They offer about seven grams of protein per. The yolk contains phospholipids, which are essential for brain health. Plus, hard-boiled eggs are portable. Think of them as a.m. protein you can eat on the way to school or work. 

Tortillas: Provide carbs, your body's primary energy source. They're also versatile—fuel up with a substantial morning meal like a breakfast burrito or a post-training feast of grilled chicken fajitas.

Check out this video on to find out what other health foods Gabby stockpiles.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock