This Insane LeBron James Wraparound Pass Defies All Laws of Physics

How did he even do this?

Over the course of LeBron James's 14-year career, the Cavs forward has made approximately 213 plays that look impossible to the human eye. He once caught an alley-oop at the very top of the backboard. He covered the entire court in a matter of seconds en route to the iconic block of Andre Iguodala's shot at the end of Game 7 of the NBA Finals. But what LeBron did on Saturday night against the Orlando Magic truly defies all laws of physics.

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After receiving the ball in the right post near the baseline, LeBron took one dribble to his right before spotting teammate Mike Dunleavy curling to the three-point line in the opposite corner. Seeing Dunleavy through all the traffic is one thing. Getting him the ball is another one entirely.

Twisting his right arm across his body, LeBron whipped a bounce pass around his immediate defender and Nikola Vucevic, who was standing in the paint near the baseline, and found Dunleavy just as he was setting his feet in the corner. Dunleavy pulled up and drained the 3.

Look where Dunleavy is when LeBron winds up to deliver this pass. The ball had to be on a string with the right amount of spin to land perfectly in Dunleavy's hands at exactly the right moment, and LeBron executed it perfectly.

We've said before that LeBron sees the basketball court in ways that even many talented point guards do not, but this laser across the baseline is truly something to behold.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock