Intense Preparation Powers Nathan Adrian to 100-Meter Freestyle Gold Medal

See how U.S. swimmer Nathan Adrian prepared for the 2012 Olympics with intense swim training and gym workouts on his way to winning the 100-meter freestyle gold medal

Leading up to the 2012 Olympics, Nathan Adrian planned on "going out there, swimming fast, and doing it the right way."

And he did just that. The 23-year-old American swam fast enough to beat the competition by a fingertip, literally, in the 100-meter freestyle final. Adrian's gold medal-winning time of 47.52 seconds edged out Australian James "The Missile" Magnussen by the narrowest of margins, .01 seconds.

While some may point to a late-race push and lunge at the wall as the key factors in Adrian's victory, it was the countless hours of hard work in the gym and in the pool that brought the gold medal within his reach. When we caught up with Adrian during the final stages of his Olympic training, he walked us through a typical day of his grueling workout regimen.

Watch the video above to see how Adrian prepared himself to ultimately achieve his gold medal dream.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock