Introducing 'Dabbin,' the Dance Move All Your Favorite NBA Players Will Be Celebrating With This Season

NBA players will be Dabbin' this season, as the popular dance move is getting plenty of action on the court.

When you're an NBA star in 2015, you need a signature celebration. It comes with the territory. LeBron James has "The Silencer." James Harden does his cooking dance. Russell Westbrook holsters his pistols. But as we roll into the 2015-2016 NBA season, it appears that many of these individual celebrations will be replaced by something completely new.

The move is called Dabbin'. It traces its roots to the Atlanta hip-hop scene, where it was popularized by artists like Migos and Future, as well as by one of Future's frequent beat-providers, Metro Boomin'. The dance itself is simple enough. All you do is place one of your arms in front of your face and bob your head forward into it while stretching your other arm out behind you as the beat hits. If you need a tutorial, educate yourself here.

The dance is sweeping through the NBA, starting with LeBron James, who has been seen Dabbin' several times in the past few weeks, first at his Nike LeBron 13 release in Akron (above) and again at the Cavs' recent intrasquad scrimmage.

Indiana Pacers star Paul George is also getting in on the action. He used Dabbin' to celebrate a 3-pointer in a recent pre-season game against the Detroit Pistons.

Then there's Los Angeles Lakers sharpshooter Nick Young pulling it out as he backpedals down the court after knocking down a 3-pointer of his own against the Utah Jazz.

Stanley Johnson Dabbin'

Finally, Detroit Pistons guard Stanley Johnson was caught doing the Dab after a made basket this pre-season.

Pretty soon you'll be seeing the Dab on NBA courts everywhere. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock