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If you're looking for a fun new Apple product, your search ends with the iPad Mini, scheduled to hit stores this month. The Mini will provide social networkers with a perfectly sized device—between the iPhone, which is too small, and the iPad, which is too large.

At 7.9 inches, the iPad Mini is approximately a third smaller than the current iPad—which measures 10 inches. But it has a screen with the same resolution as the iPad 2. And it's thinner and lighter than the iPad.

The second, third and fourth iPad generations have all been similar in appearance. The new iPad Mini breaks with that tradition with an anodized aluminum back and rounder edges. The back seems similar to the iPod (remember that?). But don't worry, the Mini does not have old-school technology. In fact, at a recent event, Apple informed the crowd that the iPad Mini is a completely new device, and should not be viewed as a cheap downgrade from the original iPad.

Hundreds of thousands of apps that were designed for the iPad will easily scale down for the Mini's smaller screen. Also, iPhone apps that never looked quite right on an iPad should look better on the Mini. Because of the Mini's smaller screen, you can use your thumbs to type in portrait mode, which might take some getting used to if you have big hands—but hey, it's better than typing on an iPhone!

The Mini also comes with a 5-megapixel camera on the back and an HD camera in front, great for FaceTime chats. It comes in both Wi-Fi and LTE configurations, based on plans of the different carriers.

The iPad Mini can do everything the iPad can, at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for a fun new device for less money that the iPad, pick up the iPad Mini for $329.

(If you want a tablet, but aren't into Apple products, check out the new Samsung tablet.)

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