iPhone 4S: An Athlete's Tool or Toy?

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iPhone 4S for AthletesIn our preview of the iPhone 4S, we mentiond several features that athletes might find useful. Now that the 4S is out, we've discovered another improvement, one that could become a game changer.

In previous versions of the iPhone, video transfer was clunky at best. Transferring a high definition video meant either waiting for the large video file to attach to an email or rummaging around a desk for a USB connection. The entire process was too long and convoluted for athletes and coaches to bother using video captured with an iPhone as a training tool.

Now, thanks to the iCloud—which wirelessly stores music, photos, documents and more—videos taken on the iPhone can be viewed anywhere almost instantly. The new iPhone can be set up to send video directly to a user's iCloud storage and be accessed by an iPad, laptop or other device connected to the iCloud. With the iPhone 4S and iCloud, there's no more sending, syncing and sorting. Instead, there's just great video any time, anywhere.

This improvement is perfect for sports like track and field, where athletes can make great strides with just a few small tweaks based on video feedback. In these sports, coaches can shoot 1080p HD video of an athlete's form with his iPhone and review it with the athlete in granular detail on a large screen just minutes later. Professional athletes have been using instant video feedback to improve their game for years. Now, amateurs on even the lowest levels can enjoy this advanced training technique without buying any deluxe equipment.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock