6 Reasons Why the iPhone 6 Will Be Awesome for Athletes

If you're an athlete, you'll want the iPhone 6. STACK enumerates six reasons why.

iPhone 6 rumors are burning up the web like wildfire, and for good reason. Apple's new iPhone looks awesome, with countless cool additions that will lead completely sane people to camp out in front of their local Apple store.

While the iPhone 6 will surely be awesome for taking selfies and playing hours of Angry Birds, it will also do big things for athletes. Here are six reasons why the iPhone 6 will be a must-have for athletes.

1. Tough Screen for a Tough Lifestyle

You're running on the treadmill, grooving to some favorite tunes. You reach to take a sip from your water bottle and accidentally knock your precious iPhone from its precarious perch. Your stomach sinks as you pick it up to reveal the dreaded spiderweb-cracked screen.

The iPhone 6 makes this scenario, and scenarios like it, a thing of the past.

Athletes are always in motion, and they need a phone that can keep up. The new iPhone 6 is rumored to feature sapphire glass, an incredibly tough surface that will render your screen virtually invincible. Nearly as hard as a diamond, sapphire glass will keep your screen in great shape no matter what you put it through. So go ahead and run, jump, dive, shoot, juke, throw, etc.—all with confidence, knowing if your phone takes a tumble, it'll survive unscathed.

2. Better Camera Means Better Form

Rumors indicate the iPhone 6 will have the coolest camera yet. The iPhone 5s camera featured an awesome slow-motion feature, which produces silky smooth slow-motion video at 120 frames per second. Slow-motion video is fantastic for athletes, because it allows them to analyze their form, whether it be on a jumper or a Power Clean. With the iPhone 6's even better camera and enhanced slow-motion video, you'll never have to wonder if you got low enough on that Squat again.

3. It'll Be Your Own Personal Trainer, Coach and Nutritionist

We all saw the cool things the iPhone 5s was capable of in that Apple ad with the weird song. But the iPhone 6, together with iOS 8, which will be released this fall, will unlock a whole new level of sports and fitness capabilities for users.

The Health app, which will be part of iOS 8, will allow fitness and health apps to work together, turning your phone from a simple step-counter into an ultrasmart tool that knows your nutrition, fitness, sleep and health data.

Apple says, "It just might be the beginning of a health revolution."

Knowing how fervently people are attached to their phones, we are inclined to agree.

4. The Most In-Shape iPhone Ever

Unless you're still rocking out to your walkman, chances are you bring your iPhone to the gym to listen to music or track your fitness data. One issue with the current iPhone is that it's a little bulky, perhaps slowing you down during your workout.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to be both thinner and lighter than current iPhones. Does that slimmed down profile mean you'll have to deal with an iPod Nano-esque screen? Thankfully not.

The iPhone 6 screen will apparently be bigger than previous versions at 4.7 inches, a nice platform for streaming sports or surfing STACK.com when you're on the go.

5. Longer Battery for Those Long Days

You're a half hour into a two-hour bus ride to an away game, bumping your favorite music and taking silly SnapChats. All of a sudden, your screen goes black.

Dead battery strikes again!

The iPhone 6 will help put an end to this fearsome scenario, since it's supposed to have 15 percent better battery performance than the iPhone 5s. Those long days where you go from the weight room to the class room to the practice field before you finally make it back home? The iPhone 6 will have enough juice to make it through.

6. You'll Look Awesome (and Maybe Play Better)

Forget fresh clothes or new shoes. Sporting the latest state-of-the-art tech miracle is the newest way to look good. Upon its release, the iPhone 6 will immediately become the most sought after piece of technology in the universe. If you get one, you'll look cool. What is it that Deion Sanders said? If you look good, you'll feel good, and if you feel good, you'll play good? Well, toting the iPhone 6 around will definitely have you looking good, and who knows, maybe some of those good vibes could carry over to your play.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock