Is J.R. Smith Thinking About Switching to Football?

Smith's contract dispute with the Cavs has him thinking about his football days.


The situation between the Cleveland Cavaliers and J.R. Smith are getting a little awkward. With the 2016-2017 NBA regular season set to begin later this month, Smith remains unsigned, and he and the Cavs front office appear to have hit a stalemate in contract negotiations. The Cavs reportedly offered Smith between $10 and 11 million annually, which Smith rejected, and things have been silent since.

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The longer Smith waits for a new contract offer, the more agitated he has become. He sent out the tweet below after the Cavs announced they signed journeyman point guard Toney Douglas a few days ago.

Not great! So when a fan tweeted Smith encouraging him to suit up for the 0-4 Cleveland Browns instead, his answer reflected the lack of confidence he appears to have in getting a deal done with the Cavs any time soon.

Even though Smith was probably joking (probably, maybe), he does have a history of balling out on the football field. During his time at Lakewood High School in New Jersey, he was a stud at multiple positions, including wide receiver, cornerback, linebacker and quarterback. Based on his high school game tape alone, Clemson was so impressed that they offered him a scholarship without ever meeting him. Smith obviously turned it down to commit to basketball, but the dude can ball on the gridiron.

Smith probably won't ever be seen wearing orange and brown, but it's a bummer that his contract situation, a season after helping the Cavs win their first championship in franchise history, is playing out this way.

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