Is LeBron James's Signature Sneaker Line Going Retro? His Shoe Choice at Cavs Media Day Says Yes

Could we see previous LeBron James signature sneakers return to store shelves in the near future?

LeBron James rarely does anything without a reason, so when he showed up at the Cleveland Cavaliers' Media Day on Monday rocking kicks you had to take a loooong look at before you could figure out what they were, it had a purpose. The shoes turned out to be blue suede versions of the Nike LeBron III, a shoe LeBron hasn't sported since the 2005-2006 NBA season.

Nike LeBron III

Conspicuously hanging off the side of the shoe was a tag with the Roman numeral III written on it, a piece that was absent from the original shoe. This led to an obvious question: Is LeBron's sneaker line finally getting the retro treatment?

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LeBron is currently on his 14th signature sneaker, and the call for re-releasing his previous kicks has grown louder over the last few years, as consumers who missed out on the earlier versions clamor to see them back on the shelves. Nike has been mum on the subject, but LeBron's shoe choice on Monday sent an unmistakable message, as did his Instagram post: retro LeBrons are coming very soon.

When we asked LeBron whether he had a nickname for the blue kicks, he smiled coyly and said, "Not yet. But it's coming." The "it" in that sentence? The LeBron retro line. Whenever it happens, we'll be first in line to buy them.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock