LOOK: J.J. Watt Gets On The Court, Plays Pickup Basketball Around Houston

J.J. Watt showed off some of his hoops skills on Saturday around Houston.

My brother got to meet @JJWatt pic.twitter.com/9bYUwfvGvE

— ryan (@sayyestotacos) June 11, 2016


J.J. Watt is recovering from off-season groin surgery, but that isn't stopping him from playing in some pickup basketball games around Houston.

The Houston Texans defensive end tweeted that if any games were happening in the city on Saturday, and after he received replies regarding various locations, he would venture to the local courts to shoot some hoops.

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In one game, Watt played with some teens at Root Memorial Park, where the young basketball players were shocked to see the Texans defensive end.

"We were all like, 'Is that really J.J. Watt?'," 17-year-old Damon Cormier Jr. said to the Houston Chronicle. "Then, we just started playing. There was a little bit of trash talking, but not too much, because he's J.J. Watt."

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Watt played in 16 NFL games last season, racking up 17.5 sacks. Though he is coming off groin surgery, he still managed to dunk during the game. But that aside, he was clearly not playing hard, probably because he was being careful to avoid injury.

Watt also went to a local fire station, Houston Fire Station 9, where the firefighters were equally surprised to see the star defensive end.

"He just pulled up and had a basketball with him, and said, 'You guys ready for some hoops?'" firefighter Paul Portis said. "I think everyone's jaw just dropped."

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