J.J. Watt Reveals His Humongous 5,000-Calorie Daily Diet

J.J. Watt eats more in one day than most families.

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is a freak of nature. Not only is he constantly fighting through big offensive linemen to get to the quarterback, he makes guest appearances on the offensive side of the ball to score touchdowns as a tight end. If you're wondering how Watt seems to have all the energy in the world, it's because he does, and that's because of his diet.

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The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year recently spoke with GQ about his crazy diet. Watt refers to his eating as a second job. Eating all the time might seem like a weird thing to complain about, but doubling down at every meal and consuming 5,000-plus calories a day can be exhausting.

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This is what the 6-foot-5, 288-pound Watt eats on a daily basis:


Oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries
Six eggs
Banana and apple

Second Breakfast

Four eggs
Two slices of wheat toast with peanut butter, banana and honey
Two slices of wheat toast with jelly


Three chicken breasts with whole wheat pasta and Italian dressing
Side of broccoli

Second Lunch

More chicken breasts with mashed sweet potatoes
Steamed carrots


Lamb chops with whole wheat pasta
Grilled asparagus

Second Dinner

Filet with whole wheat pasta
Steamed broccoli

Watt needs this amount of food to maintain his strength and body mass. If you want to be as great as Watt some day, all you have to do is eat over 5,000 calories and work out constantly. Should be pretty easy, right?

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