Jabari Parker Jumped So High During a Dunk Attempt He Literally Hit His Forehead on the Rim

Be careful up there, man.

Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker, a person who is good at basketball, had himself a game last night. In the Milwaukee Bucks' pre-season game against the Dallas Mavericks, Parker went for 21 points in just 24 minutes of action—a welcome sign for Bucks fans hoping for Parker to take a major leap in his third year in the NBA. Parker went 9-14 from the field, and one of his makes came on a display of athleticism that was as hilarious as it was breathtaking.

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Launching himself from the middle of the lane to throw down a particularly nasty dunk, Parker got so much air that he nailed his forehead on the front of the rim with enough force that it caused him to grab his head in pain when he landed. Parker was fine, but his highlight reel dunk could've led to one of the worst ways to suffer a head injury ever. We wouldn't be surprised in Parker sat out the Bucks' next preseason game with a "DNP - Forehead Bruise From Huge Dunk" next to his name in the box score.

Be careful up there, Jabari. Don't take that Jumpman logo on your kicks so literally.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock