The Funniest Tweets About Jack Taylor Scoring 138 Points

STACK finds the funniest tweets about D3 basketball player Jack Taylor scoring 138 points in a single game.

Jack Taylor

(Photo via USA Today)

You've probably heard by now that a dude by the name of Jack Taylor scored 138 points in a Division III basketball game last night. Taylor, a 5'10" sophomore guard for Grinnell College (Iowa), jacked up 108 shots, 71 from behind the three-point line. As the world struggles to wrap its head around how a single player can even take 108 shots in a 40-minute game, the best place to gauge the pulse of a nation is always Twitter.

With Jack Taylor's name trending for almost an entire day, there was no shortage of tweets about his incredible performance. Here are the funniest of the lot.

Fantasy sports joke!

Somewhere, Blaine Gabbert is curled up in a ball, crying himself to sleep in a dark room.

How do we know Hellen Keller didn't get after it on the defensive end back in her day?


Not sure what you're doing on an elementary school playground in the first place, Scott.

Look out for Jack Taylor's remix of "Stay Schemin'," entitled "Stay Shootin'," dropping soon.

Even at Staples?

The former North Carolina Tar Heel has jokes.

So you're saying Jack Taylor doesn't enjoy passing?

Dan Fahey is officially STACK's new favorite basketball player.

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