Hockey Hot Dog Pulls Off Weenie Move

It looks cool, but should you try this high school hockey player's fancy move during a game? Probably not. Check the video.

Florida youth hockey player Jake Levy became an internet sensation this week after earning the No. 1 spot on SportCenter's Top 10 plays of the day. The video shows the high school stud scoring on a penalty shot by pulling off a crazy trick move. Levy passes the puck to himself between his legs and buries it into the top right corner of the net.

Although this fancy move looks cool, many hockey players view it as a gimmick that's appropriate in practice but not in a game.

For tips on how to get killer skills for a breakaway shot, check out this technique video with NHL RW Jordan Eberle, in which he explains how to adjust your shot based on the goalie's position. Eberle says, "I either have a deke or a shot plan. Breakaways are all about watching what the goalie does and having two different moves." Here's a list of Eberle's techniques for scoring on a breakaway, all of which can be applied to penalty shots:

Jordan Eberle's Breakaway Technique

  • Plan your move based on the goalie's position.
  • Deke if the goalie is out of net.
  • Take a shot if the goalie is close to the net.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock