Watch James Harrison Carry 400 Pounds the Length of a Football Field

That's just one of two workout feats recently posted by the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker and ageless wonder.

James Harrison - 100-Yard Carry

Sweatsuit aficionado James Harrison is back at it again with his crazy workout Instagrammin'.

The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker just dropped two new training videos on his account. The first shows this heavy Farmer's Walk:

How heavy was it? Well, he has a Power Lift Mastiff Strength bar in each hand. The bar is 75 pounds on its own. The one in his right hand is loaded with 140 pounds of plates; the one in his left hand is loaded with another 90 pounds. Total that up and you're in the neighborhood of 380 pounds—before adding the thick clips holding the weights in place.

(Why is he using different loads on each side? Maybe the gym ran out of plates, sure. But more likely, Harrison is using a technique called Offset Loading, which increases the challenge to core stability. That would make sense, since he has a shredded core.)

Harrison, an age-defying battle axe with a beard, wasn't done with just one video. In another post, he showed that his hips are still powerful for a nearly 38-year-old, as he performs Hip Extensions with 300...400...forget it, I've hit my limit on math this morning. Suffice it to say, there's a lot of weight there:

Harrison hasn't confirmed that he will return to the NFL next season, but his team says they want him back. Until he makes his announcement, he seems content to lifteat like a madman and entertain us with videos that are nearly as impressive as what he does on fall Sundays.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock