Jason Pierre-Paul is Back Working Out Despite Losing a Finger

New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul posted a video of himself working out as he recovers from a 4th of July fireworks accident.

Over July 4th weekend, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul had the type of accident our parents all warned us against whenever we wanted to shoot off fireworks. They would say, "Don't blow your hand off!" Well, Pierre-Paul did just that, sort of, losing the tip of his right thumb and then having his right index finger amputated, because of the damage caused by an at-home fireworks accident.

This created some uncertainty about whether and when Pierre-Paul would return to play for the Giants. The situation seemed grim after it was reported that his hand looked worse than originally thought when Giants team doctors examined it a few weeks ago. But that didn't stop the Pro Bowler from beginning to work out on his own.

Pierre-Paul posted the above video to his newly created Instagram page, which shows him running while attached to a weighted sled. It's hard to see his right hand, but it doesn't appear to be heavily wrapped or covered by a glove, so we're accepting this as a positive step in the big DE's recovery.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock