Jason Statham to Star in Chinese Action Flick

British actor Jason Statham wants to make an action film in China.

In the midst of a Chinese promotional tour for The Expendables 3, actor Jason Statham announced that he has been seeking a film project in China for a long time. The British action star revealed that the idea first occurred to him more than 10 years ago, when he worked with Hong Kong director Corey Yuen and Chinese co-star Shu Qi while filming his breakout movie, The Transporter.

Looking back on the experience, Statham remarked, "We [Qi and Yuen] shared a lot of interests and tastes in films. I had this idea, but for years I still haven't fulfilled it. The key is finding the right project with the right person."

Le Vision Pictures CEO Zhang Zhao, who is also a producer on Expendables 2 and Expendables 3, backed up Statham's comments about a potential film in China, saying Le Vision Pictures is working with the actor to create "an action movie only for Chinese audiences." Additional details were not forthcoming.

Statham is now in a position to call his own shots and to be selective about the type of pictures he makes. Besides any creative or artistic motives for wanting to do a film like this, it also makes sense from a business point of view. The Asian market is enormous, and action movies set in Asia are very popular, as evidenced by last year's hit action-adventure flick, The Wolverine.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock