Jason Terry and the Dallas Mavericks Get a Boost From the Reebok ZigTech Slash

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After gaining much of its initial buzz thanks to NBA rookie John Wall's endorsement, the Reebok ZigTech Slash is now one of the most popular basketball shoes on the market. The May 16, 2011 cover of Sports Illustrated features Dallas Maverick guard Jason Terry's leg, foot . . . and Reebok shoe.

The Mavericks eliminated the Lakers from the playoffs with tough defense, superb shooting and full-court speed. Terry attributes his team's success to "sheer determination, persistence and ability to shoot the long ball." He says, "After game two, we knew we had control of the series. Game three, I could see the frustration in their faces."

A well-designed shoe with solid support didn't hurt, either. Terry was part of the Reebok team before the ZigTech Slash made its debut, but the veteran guard speaks highly of the sneaker: "There's something in the Zig energy. Near the end of a game, I really feel like the shoes give me an extra boost."

Many commentators express concern about the Mavs' long layoff before facing a team coming off a big win [a situation similar to last year when the Orlando Magic swept their first two series]. But Terry isn't worried. He says, "It's all about how we approach the game—[getting] good rest, [having] fresh legs."

With Reebok kicks to cushion his landing after awe-inspiring jump shots, we'll see if the Mavs can maintain their momentum.

Photos:  sneakernews.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock