Jason Terry Battles Jameer Nelson in CrossFit Competition

This is a post on a CrossFit contest between NBA players.

Jason Terry vs. Jameer Nelson Reebok

At this year's NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando, many events combined athletes with celebrities. But few called for as much hardcore training and mysterious intrigue as the CrossFit competition between Orlando Magic PG Jameer Nelson and Dallas Mavericks G Jason Terry.

The NBA stars are both Reebok athletes, and each paired with an entertainer to face off in a CrossFit-style race at the CrossFit FireBase in Orlando. Team Jameer included Nelson and celebrity Bill Bellamy, while Team Jet included Terry and rapper Jadakiss. The two teams went beyond a normal athletic contest, because the athletes put in a few stipulations to make things more interesting.

If Team Jet won, Nelson would have to wear Terry's sneakers during the game between the Mavs and Magic on Friday, March 30. If Team Jameer won, Terry would have to wear Nelson's sneakers and would not be allowed to wear his signature headband or high socks—both pairs.

So, who won? What went down this past weekend? We'll reveal the winner soon. Stay tuned to STACK for more.

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