Jason Williams Brought Back His Famous Elbow Pass on TNT Last Night

It's still one of the most amazing passes in NBA history.

It's been six years since Jason Williams donned an NBA uniform, but no amount of time can make people forget the pure absurdity of his greatest attribute—his passing.

Williams was ahead of his time, playing with the sort of organized chaos that we now see in some of the best offenses in the NBA. His penchant for pushing the ball and throwing dimes that seem impossible would fit right in with the Golden State Warriors' free-flowing style of play.

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Williams' highlight reel, which stretches on for days, is full of no-look dimes and behind-the-back passes that feel more like witchcraft than basketball. But what he'll be remembered for, above all, is a single pass he made in the Rising Stars Challenge during NBA All-Star Weekend in 2000.

Pushing the ball down the floor on a fast break, Williams sped into the lane, where he was greeted by defender Lamar Odom standing between him and the basket. Knowing that his teammate Raef LaFrentz was trailing behind him, the man known as "White Chocolate" went into performance mode. Bringing the ball behind his back with his left hand, Williams popped his right elbow into the ball, propelling it into the unsuspecting hands of LaFrentz, who drew a foul on his layup attempt.

The appropriately dubbed "elbow pass" became one of the most talked-about plays in Williams' lore. So when he appeared last night on Area 21, TNT's Kevin Garnett-hosted offshoot of Inside the NBA, it seemed appropriate when Kenny Smith asked Williams to reenact his most famous pass with KG. Fortunately, Williams obliged.

Though it wasn't as cool as seeing it happen live in a game, Williams executed the elbow pass like he's done it a million times before.

Put this man in the Warriors' lineup right now and he could probably average 20 assists a game.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock