JaVale McGee Continues His Career of Bloopers With Two Missed Dunks Against the Spurs

Add a couple more bloopers to JaVale McGee's list.

JaVale McGee

No player has been on Shaquille O'Neal's Shaqtin' A Fool blooper show more than Golden State Warriors center JaVale McGee. Earlier this season, Shaq was ordered to leave McGee alone, but the bloopers McGee made against the San Antonio Spurs Wednesday night were so bad, Shaq might have to violate it.

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The Warriors came back from a huge deficit to beat the Spurs 110-98, but McGee did not have a good night. In the first quarter, his right-handed hook shot was blocked. That's fine, players get blocked all the time, but McGee had a chance to answer the block with a dunk on that same possession, and it went terribly wrong.

You would think it's easy for a 7-foot center to dunk the ball, but McGee had issues.


Later in the third quarter, McGee had another chance to make a big play and dunk the ball, but again the ball rimmed out, leaving McGee looking foolish.


Though his miscues made the highlight reel, the 29-year-old did make some good plays to help fuel the Warriors' comeback. Here is one in which he stole the ball and led a fast break that ended with an alley-oop from Steph Curry.


And here is one of his three impressive blocks.


McGee finished with four points, three rebounds, one steal and three blocks.


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