Jennie Finch-Daigle's 5 Tips For Dealing With Setbacks

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A post shared by Jennie Finch-Daigle (@jfinch27) on Sep 30, 2020 at 8:01am PDT


Athletes all over the world are ready to get back to sports as we once knew it. Jennie Finch arguably the most famous softball player in the world recently posted on her Instagram account how to deal with setbacks and staying positive in these uncertain times.

Anyone else ready to get back to sports as we once knew it? What are you looking forward to the most? This has no doubt been. tough season for so many. And the most important thing the tough times can give us is perspective. You can't really appreciate victory without ever experiences setbacks and defeat.

5 Tips For Dealing With Setbacks

1. Acknowledge it. Take a realistic look at the problem with clear eyes.

2. Focus on the good things in life. Sometimes when something bad happens it becomes such a big deal that we can't think about anything else. But don't forget all the good things in your life.

3. Find something fun to do. Do something that will make your soul come alive and leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

4. Reflect and learn. After something goes wrong, try to exams why and learn from your mistakes. Keep a journal and make a plan of how you will do things differently next time.

5. Stay positive! Life is full of surprises (Hello 2020) and there's a reason people say "The darkest hour is just before dawn." That's because sometimes when bad things happen, something fantastic is just around the corner.

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