Jennie Finch's Mizuno Cleats Designed for Better Traction

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A good softball cleat can make a huge difference in performance. Traction, stability and support are essential for any softball player who wants to perform at a high level. That's why 2004 Team USA Olympic gold medalist Jennie Finch, recognizing the need for a proper game shoe, teamed up with Mizuno to create a line of softball cleats. [View the cleat line here.]

Protecting your feet and keeping them comfortable pay off. Mizuno's 9-Spike Finch G4 Amp Mid uses Parallel Wave technology to ensure stability and comfort. A full-length EVA footbed aids in shock absorption, helping to protect your feet and keep them healthy.

The Finch G4 Amp Mid also features Mizuno's patented 9-Spike configuration for the utmost in traction and control. Whether you're batting, planting to throw or just digging into the ground running, the 9-Spike configuration provides maximum traction for every movement.

Mizuno 9-Spike Finch G4 — $49.99

Mizuno's VS-1 foam cushioning extends from toe to heel, helping to absorb force and keeping your feet feeling relaxed and comfortable. ProFlex technology adds flexibility to the outsole, allowing the shoe to move smoothly and naturally with your foot and reducing stress and discomfort.

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