Jermaine Jones's Yoga Workout For Kicking Power

The U.S. Men's National Team player can really boot the ball. Here's the routine that helps him launch it past defenders.

On June 22, 2014 in Manaus, Brazil, the U. S. Men's National Team was fighting for its life. Trailing Portugal 1-0 in the 64th minute of their World Cup match, the team needed a miracle to keep their hopes alive of advancing past the opening round. A matchup against powerhouse Germany loomed, so a loss to the Portuguese would seal the Americans' fate.

U.S. midfielder Graham Zusi sends the ball into the box, hoping to find forward Clint Dempsey; but a Portuguese defender elevates and seems to clear it away from danger. The ball takes two long bounces, then settles at the feet of Jermaine Jones, who is posted about 25 yards outside the goal. Jones takes one quick dribble, then smashes his right cleat through the ball. A white blur explodes through the traffic in the 18-yard box, curls inside the right post and burrows into the back of the net. Tie game.

The crowd needs a second to process what they've just seen. No one expected Jones to shoot from there, let alone score. The fans then explode into celebration. The U.S. team goes on to secure the draw with Portugal and advance past their opening round "Group of Death." With the attention the team earned by doing so, and the support they won playing deeper into the 2014 World Cup, one could make a convincing argument that Jones's improbable goal ranks among the most important in U.S. soccer history.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock