Jets Running Back Matt Forte Eats Living Marine Phytoplankton to Stay Healthy

New York Jets running back Matt Forte hopes to prolong his career by eating healthy.

New York Jets running back Matt Forte is off to a great start in the 2016 NFL season. Many fans and analysts think that once a running back gets to Forte's age, he is over the hill; but the 30-year-old already has 196 rushing yards and three touchdowns on 52 carries in just two weeks.

"It's such a cliché saying about running backs being old at 30. And people, they just start to believe it. OK, I've been playing for going on nine years. That's a long time. But you're not really old. I'm still a young dude," Forte told NJ Advance Media.

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This is Forte's ninth season in the NFL, and he has carried the ball over 2,000 times, which has inevitably produced some bumps and bruises. But Forte has an answer for dealing with those dings—Liquified Phytoplankton or Living Marine Phytoplankton.




According to Earth Shift Products, Living Marine Phytoplankton is a nutrient-rich liquid with minerals so dense and pure that a couple of drops can help restore the body after a long training session and even fight inflammation in muscles and joints. Earth Shift states: "Marine phytoplankton is a great source of EPA & DHA Omega 3 essential fatty acids, Omega 6, 7, and 9 essential fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, and organically available minerals that have been known to optimize brain and heart function."

This liquid is part of Forte's daily diet, and it doesn't taste as bad as it sounds, according to the 6-foot-2, 220-pound running back. "It tastes like basically liquidized spinach or any kind of green, like kale, so it's not bad, but it's a little salty, actually."

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Forte knows that the longer he plays, the healthier he must eat to keep his body in optimal shape to be successful. It sounds like eating living sea organisms is pretty healthy and it seems to be working for him. If you are curious enough, you can get your own bottle of the Living Marine Phytoplankton for $35 here.

Matt Forte

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock