Jimmy Butler Inexplicably Believes He's a Better Wide Receiver Than Antonio Brown and Demaryius Thomas

Jimmy Butler might be suffering from an over-developed ego.

Despite being badly burned by Klay Thompson on a go route earlier this month in Rio, Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler is still talking a big game about his chances as an NFL wide receiver. During a recent Team USA practice, Butler, who must be having major delusions of grandeur, proudly announced that he would be a better NFL receiver than both Antonio Brown and Demaryius Thomas, two of the top 10 wideouts in the league. Butler added that he would take their starting spots on their respective teams.

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"I'm very serious," Butler said about his NFL prospects. "I think if you were to ask people that aren't haters, which everybody on this team is, it'd be me [who could play in the NFL], because I'm fast and I have great hands. I can really catch."

The rest of Team USA vehemently disagreed.

"He's an idiot," Kevin Durant said. "I wouldn't pick [him] on my fantasy team."

"I think he's absurd," Draymond Green said. "Jimmy has no shot. He's not as good a receiver as the worst receiver in the NFL."

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By the time practice was over, Butler was already walking back his boastful statements. Still, you can tell that deep down in his gut, Butler truly believes that he would ball out as an NFL wide receiver. We would love to see him try.

Jimmy Butler

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