WATCH: Jimmy Graham and Russell Wilson's Partner-Resisted Towel Row

Seattle Seahawks players demonstrate a two-person core and back exercise, each providing resistance for the other.

This week, Seattle Seahawks players are in Hawaii getting in some good work as a team, away from all of their coaches and trainers.

"This will be our third year doing it, obviously, to get back to football," said QB Russell Wilson, according to "It never really leaves our mind, but just to go over plays and just get throwing with the guys again. But most importantly, I think it's a great team-bonding experience, and I think it catapults our season and the journey of our season."

Wilson recently posted a video to his Instagram, most likely taken before the crew flew to Hawaii, of himself, Luke Wilson, and Jimmy Graham performing what we're calling a Partner-Resisted Towel Row. Wilson and Graham assume positions similar to a Sit-Up with their bodies angled about 45 degrees, and hold on to the folded end of a towel. A partner holds the other end while Wilson resists the pull with his core, both on the way forward and back.

But the real focus of the exercise falls on Graham, who is holding on to the end of Luke Wilson's towel, leaning against an incline bench and performing a Row with the two ends of the towel, elbows tucked in.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock