Joakim Noah Shot the Worst Free Throw in NBA History

It's an American tragedy.

Look, NBA players are going to miss free throws. No matter how much you yell and scream at the television for Player X to "GET IN THE GYM AND SHOOT 1,000 OF THEM EVERY NIGHT!", no one is perfect from the line. There's the crowd to deal with. Maybe your hands are sweaty from all that physical activity. Maybe you're a big man and your hands are actually too big for the basketball, à la Shaquille O'Neal. But this? What Joakim Noah is doing from the line? This is the type of thing you should be publicly shamed for. This is an atrocity.

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Last night, not only did Noah airball this monstrosity, he shot it so far left of the rim that even if it had the right distance it would have just slammed against the backboard and bounced back to him. The fact that Noah knew he was about to be plastered across the Internet for all of eternity once the ball left his hand doesn't really make it better.

Noah should be fined, or sent down to the D-League for a night, or be forced to cut off his ponytail. There must be repercussions for this crime against basketball. It must be stopped.

Joakim Noah

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock