Joe Haden's Sneaker Shop, The Restock, Let's You Fulfill Your Sneakhead Dreams

This Cleveland store helps sneakerheads add the missing pieces to their shoe collections.

The sneaker game can be frustrating. You wake up early on a Saturday morning, pop open your laptop and get ready to purchase the shoe you've been waiting for weeks to drop, only to learn that in mere seconds, your size has sold out. Or you make your way to a local sneaker shop, only to see a line snaking down the block. You're not joining that line, no way, no how.

Missed opportunities is the purpose behind The Restock, a sneaker store located in downtown Cleveland and owned by resident sneaker aficionado and Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden. In the sneaker community, the word "restock" refers to reselling shoes that sold out the first time they were released.

The Restock gives consumers a chance to acquire the kicks they had so ardently desired but were unable to buy when they dropped. It is similar to the iconic Flight Club, which has stores in New York City and Los Angeles.

From 14-year-old Jordans to the rarest LeBrons in the game, if you're looking for a highly sought after shoe, The Restock probably has it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock