Joel Embiid Ruthlessly Blocks Tiny Child's Shot Into Outer Space

Joel Embiid has no regard for the hopes and dreams of small children.

Joel Embiid must be getting restless waiting for the 2016-2017 NBA season to begin, a season that will mark his first ever appearance in a Philadelphia 76ers uniform, because he's now swatting infants as if they were grown men.

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Embiid and teammate Ben Simmons made an appearance at the 76ers annual "Beach Bash" event in Philly, where select youngsters were given the opportunity to play their idols in a casual game of one-on-one. Embiid, wearing a pair of Yeezy's no less, took said opportunity to obliterate the shot attempt of a child about .00001 percent of his size. The kid backed away in bewilderment, as if to say "come on, bro, I'm literally five years old and you've now ruined my childhood," but it was all in good fun, as signified by Embiid's caption on the video referencing his inability to have ever played in a single NBA game in his career.

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The child, who was rocking a Simmons jersey, will not be switching his allegiances to Embiid any time soon.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock