WATCH: Johnny Manziel Spotted Throwing Footballs in Miami

We didn't say they were good throws.

Johnny Manziel Spotted Throwing Footballs in Miami

Hey look! Johnny Football has an actual football in his hand!

New video has surfaced on TMZ showing recently unemployed quarterback Johnny Manziel doing something that looks like throwing a pass. If that's what you can call this:


Manziel, a walking vodka bottle with a punchable face, reportedly traveled with his entourage to Miami's Ultra Music Festival, a three-day celebration of cheap neon sunglasses, MDMA, and the world's most unlistenable music, EDM. The former Cleveland Browns quarterback took timeouts from all the thump-diddy-thump'ing and laser lights to post odd Snapchat photos with professional partier Julz Goddard and throw some ducks around by the pool, as you can see above.

Watch the entire video and you'll also see Manziel, who's looking chubbier with every passing day, do a backflip into the pool. The splash is a bit high, but we'll give him credit for that one. It's kinda impressive. It's the most athletic thing he's done in awhile.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock