How Johnny Manziel Will Immediately Improve Your City

If Johnny Manziel comes to your city, he will transform it into a utopia fit for a king. STACK explains how.

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Johnny Manziel

Photo via AP

Johnny Manziel. Prolific college quarterback. College Station stallion. Angel. Unicorn. Whatever you want to call him, Johnny Football took Texas A&M—and later, the nation—by storm over the past two years, flipping college football on its head in the process. Last week, when he announced his intent to enter the NFL Draft, the nation rejoiced (at least outside College Station). Manziel turned an average Big 12 school into a top-tier SEC program, and many expect he'll have a similar impact in the NFL.

STACK looked at the five most quarterback-needy NFL teams and determined how Manziel would transform their cities into a utopia. Click through the slide show for our tongue-in-cheek predictions.

Editor's Note: Johnny Manziel cannot actually do most of the things mentioned in this article. Or maybe he can. We can't be sure. 

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