How Johnny Manziel Will Immediately Improve Your City

If Johnny Manziel comes to your city, he will transform it into a utopia fit for a king. STACK explains how.

How Johnny Manziel Will Improve Cleveland

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How Johnny Manziel Will Improve Cleveland

Now that West 6th Street in Cleveland's downtown entertainment district is struggling to stay afloat, the 2-1-6 needs Johnny Manziel more than ever. His arrival would turn downtown into a mini-Las Vegas. Just the sight of Manziel's good friend Drake sitting on a restaurant patio sipping white wine would be enough to triple the city's population. So what if the Browns lose 42-7 on any given Sunday? There would be Manziel, like the pied piper, leading all of Cleveland out for a big night at Harry Buffalo. Who would listen to the Browns coach du jour jawboning in a post-game press conference about how his team "battled," when fans could watch their starting QB compete in a breakdance contest? Sundays would rock again in Cleveland.

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