How Johnny Manziel Will Immediately Improve Your City

If Johnny Manziel comes to your city, he will transform it into a utopia fit for a king. STACK explains how.

How Johnny Manziel Will Improve Oakland

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How Johnny Manziel Will Improve Oakland

Johnny Manziel would not only turn the Raiders franchise around on the field, he'd turn the city into a giant party. It would be such a rager in Oakland on Sundays that even San Franciscans would cup their ears, turn their heads and look longingly across the Bay, murmuring to one another,"Hey, what fun is afoot in Oakland?" No longer San Fran's little brother, Oakland would ride Manziel's coattails to such a level of success, renowned Raiders fan Ice Cube would stop making horrendous movies and return to the city as a full time fan. Thanks, Johnny.

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