Jon Beason's Positive Attitude During His Recovery From an Achilles Injury

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Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason is back and ready for NFL action. The Pro Bowler was out most of last season with a torn left Achilles tendon. But, as the below video can attest, his injury has now healed, and his agility is as on-point as ever. But the process has taken both time and a positive attitude.

Beason has drawn inspiration from his teammate, Thomas Davis, who is recuperating from his third ACL surgery—on the same knee. Davis also tore his ACL early in the season. Now the two are working through rehab and training sessions to prepare their bodies for the season ahead. Beason says he looks to Davis for inspiration, but he also keeps a positive, tenacious attitude about recovery.

In an interview for the Charlotte Observer, Beason said, "Going through what I did and then trying to put myself in Thomas' shoes, where he's done it three times, it's no comparison. The strength there is not even close. The will, the tenacity to continue to push forward." (Learn more about ACL injuries.)

Besides having patience and a strict work ethic—both necessary for recovering from a tough injury—Beason has also equipped himself with a positive attitude from the get-go. Here are some of his recent motivational remarks:

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