Jumping Rope for Soccer with Hope Solo

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By Josh Staph

Hope Solo has started in net for the USA at every age level. After taking over the top spot on the Women's National Team in 2005, she racked up shutouts left and right, at one point going 1,054 minutes during the run of play without giving up a goal.

"A lot of people think that goal tending is all upper body work and catching, but the number one thing that allows you to cover the whole goal is footwork," Solo says. "The only reason I am where I am today is because of my footwork; I've always trained my feet to move better."

To improve her agility and get her footwork to a world-class level, Solo uses her all-time favorite drill: jumping rope. "It works all of the tiny muscles that you don't usually get to and improves your ability to move laterally and vertically when covering the goal," she explains.

Solo looks to parlay her jump rope skills into big things in front of the goal. With aspirations to play in the Olympics, she also wants to become the United States' starting goalkeeper for the next World Cup.

How Hope Jumps Rope

Solo mixes things up by alternating jumps on two feet, one foot, side-to-side skiers and jogging in place. She jumps continuously for 25-35 minutes, but recommends starting with 10 minutes and gradually building your endurance. She jumps rope once a week in season and three times a week during the off-season.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock